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Summer Camp
for children in grades
Kindergarten - 5th


Inventions and Innovations

Join us for two fun-filled weeks learning about different inventors and innovators that helped
revolutionize the world as we know it. The first week, we will spend time getting to know some
famous inventors and their innovations. Campers will spend time expanding their minds, asking questions, and learning what it means to be creative and think outside of the box while incorporating STEM skills and different materials to create their own inventions. The second week, they will work together, as they brainstorm, and dream up an invention through collaboration.  This is a week full of creativity and fun.


Celebrating Famous Artist

Creative expression is front and center during these two weeks of painting, sculpting, and masterpiece creation. Campers will celebrate famous artists by gaining insight, knowledge, and appreciation for some most notable artworks done by famous artists that helped shape the culture of the world around us.
They will learn different media used, different styles approached, and then work together to
create their own renditions of some of the world’s most famous art pieces. Campers will use
everything they learn to create masterpieces as they foster their own creative expression.


Powerhouse Sciences

Future scientist unite as we have a blast this Summer!  Campers will use their critical thinking skills to venture into different forms of sciences like
chemistry, physics, ecology, and botany. They will divulge their senses with some fun and
messy experiments that will allow them to implement the scientific process, form hypotheses, to testing out their theories, and as they come to conclusions. Each day will bring an exciting new curiosity
that all campers will investigate and experience.



Lights, camara, action!  Imaginarium will allow campers to be able to dive deep into their minds and think of worlds only
from their imagination. Are they into princesses and dragons? Or pirates and mermaids? Do
they wish to be a super-hero? Or a prima ballerina? Campers will come up with their own fairy-
tales and far away lands as they spend two weeks dreaming of possibilities. Creativity and self expression make these two weeks unforgettable as children venture into a new world filled with planned fun STEAM activities.

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